Lilly for Target Madness

So, I’d love to tell you I spent the past weekend reading the latest issue of The Economist cover-to-cover. But the truth is, I was otherwise engaged in the floral frenzy online. I’m a sucker for that pastel Floridian palette.

First thing’s first: I’m a long-time Lilly fan. My grandparents rocked it back in the 70s. I wore it in high school. I even made my bridesmaids wear Lilly (and most of these girls were first-and-last time Lilly wearers).

Lilly Bridesmaids

Second: I was pumped to learn Lilly was doing a Target collection. I loved the 2011 Missoni for Target collection and the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection a few years later. And I just knew I was going to love Lilly for Target.

Third: I was right. One previously unknown benefit of living 12 hours ahead of CST (Target HQ) is access to early morning online launches. While everyone back home was staying up until 4:00 am pressing refresh on the Target browser, I was enjoying peace and quiet (and compulsively clicking refresh) while my children napped.

Despite multiple crashes and a few lost items, I succeeded in landing my top items: the Pouf – Boom Boom, Women’s Satin Jumpsuit – Boom Boom (I hope it fits!), and a bevy of insanely cute–and equally unnecessary–toddler outfits (see photos below).

Fourth: This is a genetic affliction. And I’m pretty sure my awesome mom won the Lilly for Target launch. She fought it out in not one but two Target stores. She was in line for one opening at 8:00 am then drove downtown and was first in line for the 10:00 am opening of the downtown Minneapolis store featured in this article. She’s an awesome Mimi – check out the goods below!

Lilly for Target 1 Lilly for Target 3

Hope you all had lovely weekends! Shine on (perhaps in floral)!


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