Skincare Is the New Makeup

Can we even call minimalist makeup a trend anymore? It’s been dominating runways and commentary on cosmetics for a long while now. In any event, I’m a big fan. Why? Ok, it’s partly because I’m busy, don’t get enough sleep, and don’t have much time for makeup in the morning. But it’s also because focusing more effort on caring for your skin rather than covering it up just makes sense.

I’ve spent much of the last nine months thinking about this and trying new products. My efforts are yielding great results and I want to show them off and be on trend!

REVERSE Lightening Accelerator Before and AfterTwo months into my new skincare regimen (no makeup, no filter)!

These runway looks show the dominance of minimalist makeup. I especially love the minimalist looks exhibited on the Thierry Mugler, Balmain, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Versace runways.

A few ideas about preparing your skin for a minimalist look:

1. Exfoliate. To get that fresh-faced glow, slough off skin cells and let your beautiful skin shine through! I’m addicted to this (it’s the BEST exfoliant I’ve ever used) and this awesome gadget, which I use every Sunday to  shed dead skin cells to start my week off right. (Thanks to my husband for the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!)

2. Moisturize your face. Be sure to use an eye cream, night cream, and day moisturizer with SPF.

3. Moisturize your lips. If you’re going to only use gloss, your lips better not be chapped! I recommend this Rodan + Fields lip serum, and so does Vogue’s Beauty Director.

4. Use sunscreen daily. And wear a hat. If you’re freckle-prone or live in South East Asia like me, you’ll need to use a moisturizer with SPF, then more SPF, and then a hat and sunnies.

If you’d like to get results like mine, please check out my Rodan + Fields business at! But regardless of what products you choose, embrace the minimalism and let the real you shine through.



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